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E&E Trees, Inc.


General Information

General Information

  • Do you have saws available?

Yes, we have saws available for your use. There is no charge. You may bring your own saw or chain saw. If you need help, we have E&E Trees members ready and willing to assist with cutting your tree.

  • Can I drive through your fields?

We do not allow you to drive through the fields. There are numerous holes and ditches. We are more than happy to help you get your tree. We also have sleds available to help you drag the tree back.

  • Do you take credit cards?

We only accept cash or check at the farm during the Christmas season. There is an ATM located nearby at the Sheetz in Walkersville on Rte. 194.

  • When are you open?

We are open weekends only beginning November 27.  Closing date is TBD. We are open rain, shine, or snow 9am till 4pm. Remember it gets dark by 5pm! Check out our calendar for exact dates.

  • How does it work?

When you first arrive at the farm, follow the signs to the parking area. There you will find many E&E Tree members eager to answer any questions. We have examples of the types of trees available as well as a map to assist you with locations at the farm. Once you decide on the type of tree and direction you are headed, go walk the farm till you find that perfect tree. Make sure you have a saw! After you cut the tree and bring it back to the parking area, we have a free baler to wrap the tree for you. We also have members ready to help you load the tree on your car.v

  • How are the trees priced?

The cut your own Christmas trees are priced on species. All white pines are $30.00 regardless of size. See first page of website for exact prices. Live baled and burlapped trees are individually tagged and priced. The pre-cut trees are also individually priced.